Handweavers & Spinners Guild of Victoria

Tapestry Weaving Group

4th Saturday of the month -10.30am - 3pm.

Tapestry Weaving by Mary McArdle

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The Tapestry Weaving group meets to share and explore any information, techniques or ideas relating to tapestry weaving.

The group is open to anyone with an interest in tapestry weaving. All skill levels are welcome. Members are encouraged to bring along whatever current project they are working on for show and tell.
There is lots of discussion and sometimes weaving actually takes place!

Enquiries: Liz Long by email at eclon1@yahoo.com.au

What is tapestry weaving?

Tapestry Weaving example

The vertical warp is intersected by the discontinuous wefts
which completely cover the warps.

Tapestry weaving is one of the oldest forms of woven textile. Unchanged for centuries, this hand weaving technique can be done on the simplest of looms. Tapestry is a weft-faced weave, which means the weft completely covers the warp, forming a flat smooth
surface. The weft is woven in by hand, using bobbins, butterflies or needles. The design is usually drawn on paper and placed behind the warp and used as a guide during weaving, or it can be marked directly onto the warp.

Each colour or design area is woven independently of the others and requires a separate weft thread. Depending on the thickness of the warp and the size of the tapestry, the number of weft threads used in each ‘bundle’ varies. Having multiple weft threads allows the weaver to mix a limitless range of colour.

Despite the craft being deemed not economically viable (in Victoria) and phased out of our art and textile courses, there are growing numbers of tapestry weavers, both professional and avocational producing their own designs. There are also a number of regional, national and international organisations, which have formed to promote an awareness of and appreciation for tapestry
weaving as an art form.

Further information and inspiration can be found at:

Australian Tapestry Workshop

British Tapestry

American tapestry alliance



Tapestray weaving by Glennis Leary

Visiting Tim by Glennis Leary
Cotton warp, wool, silk and cotton weft.
Size: 51.5 cm X 63.5 cm

Inspired by a trip on the Ghan to Darwin and the Kimberley to see my son who lives there.
The escarpment-like shapes represent some
of our experiences from the trip.
I really enjoyed translating the experiences
into weavable images.

Tapestray weaving by Mary McArdle

Ammonite by Mary McArdle
Cotton warp, wool and silk weft.
Size: 13.5 x 20 cm.

Based on the theme Mountains to Sea, this is an image of an ammonite, a shell that was formed in the ancient seas but is now found in the mountains in stone form. 
Tapestry weaving by RMIT students Detail: from one of a suite of three tapestries woven by RMIT students for the Dorothy Impey Nursing Home, Pascoe Vale. 2010
Tapestry weaving by Joy Smith

Mt Tongariro and Napier Beach by Joy Smith
Wool and cotton. 2012.
 20 cm x 20 cm